Kim Petras Releases First Solo Single Without Dr. Luke in 5 Years

Kim Petras is flying high with her songs “Unholy” (with Sam Smith) and “If Jesus Was a Rockstar.”

Not only are they two of her most critically acclaimed songs, but they represent a new direction for Petras — one that moves away from Dr. Luke.

n her terrific new song “If Jesus Was a Rockstar,” Petras steps into new pop heights.

It’s an acoustic track that shows off Petras’ great vocals and delivers a memorable hook that will leave you singing along.

The song was produced by pop icon Max Martin, a producer she’s wanted to work with for years.

This means that it is not produced by Dr. Luke, the controversial producer she has worked with for most of her career.

While we stan Kim, many fans have been upset by her consistent work with producer Dr. Luke (real name Lukasz Gottwald).

In 2014, singer and fellow pop icon Kesha, who had long worked with Dr. Luke and is still on his record label, accused the producer of emotional and sexual abuse over several years.

Petras is now starting to open up about why she worked with Dr. Luke for so long, and what her future will hold.